Fenster is a psychedelic pop band consisting of Jonathan Jarzyna (DE) JJ Weihl (USA) Lucas Ufo (FR) and Elias Hock (DE). After releasing two records on Morr Music, Bones (2012) and The Pink Caves (2014) they decided to make a feature length Sci-Fi adventure film along with an original film score called Emocean. Their mix of tender and explosive deconstructed pop often utilizes household objects as percussion elements, an analog synthesizer recovered from a rain storm circa 1978, and lyrics that evoke holographic dream-scapes. Their music continues to evolve, exploring the sonic realms of surfy minimalism, echoey slow jamz and trippy tropical hits. Perhaps the essence of the band is their eagerness to shape-shift, like an insect transforming from a chrysalis into a butterfly. After all, a window is just a frame through which to see the world.


Since March 2012, Fenster has toured extensively  in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark and Poland.


They've played at US festivals like SXSW and CMJ, in the UK at The Great Escape Festival and in Europe at places like EUROSONIC, Fusion, Immergut, Dockville and more.


 After its world premiere at the infamous Berghain in Berlin,  Emocean has traveled to cities all over North America Europe and India including - Berlin, Montreal, Calgary, NYC, Lisbon, Hyderabad, Coventry, Lyon, Baden, Dresden, Munich, Luzern, Lausanne, Jena, Karlsruhe, Würzburg, Lugano, Castellon, Bordeaux, Bielefeld, Brussels, Nurnberg, Offenbach, and Leipzig.

Emocean has appeared as part of the official selection at the following film festivals:

Festival du Nouveau Cinema (Montreal, Canada)

IndieLisboa (Lisbon, Portugal)

Sled Island (Calgary, Canada)

All Lights India International Film Festival (Hyderabad, India)